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 Reiki Healing, Spiritual Energy Healing, Inner Child Work & Soul Journey Guide 

Reiki Master, Inner Child Work & Soul Journey Guide




Are you feeling stuck and uncomfortable with your life?  Do you feel like there is something you should be doing, but you don't know what it is?  Are you feeling ill or depressed and unable to find a solution?  Are you ready to release your pain and baggage from the past that you have been hanging on to? Are you ready to feel love, peace, joy, and happiness beyond your dreams and improve your health at the same time?  Are you ready to start your healing journey?​


"The will to follow one's heart brings  forth the courage to face one's  greatest fears.  You are a precious  child of God and  God will not lead you where his Grace will not embrace  you."

 Pat Stubbs​ 



"Enlightenment does not happen outside  of ourselves.  It is by diving deep within  ourselves and allowing God’s  light to touch all the parts that have forgotten the truth of who  they are that allows us to awaken to that that we are."

​Pat Stubbs

 The path to awakening is a long one, but a  beautiful one.  As we release our fear,  anger, judgement, and heal  past traumas,  we start we start to awaken to who we truly are.  Pat  holds the light for all that are ready to start this journey of healing.   She will gently  lead you and guide you and help you to release that  which is causing you pain and illness.  She will lead you to a place of  love, joy, peace, and happiness.   

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 Patricia Stubbs, LMT(LA#4554),BCTMB,Reiki
 Master/Teacher,Karuna Reiki Master