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What  a blessing it has been to work with Pat. When I first visited her I  wasn't sure what to expect but was surprised at the emotional healing  that has transpired over the past few months with her support and  healing techniques. She has truly been put on this planet to heal in the  most gentle way possible. She has changed my life and the way I look at  situations and helped to create a peace that I have never had before.   She has helped me learn to be happy with myself. What a gift she is!

LI - Baton Rouge,  LA


I am in the process of learning to  allow God to work in and through me.  Giving up control has not been  easy for me but I know that it is necessary.  After a series of spontaneous events, I was led to Pat Stubbs. From our very first meeting I knew that God opened  this door and that this beautiful person was blessed with unexplainable  gifts.  Her ability to heal mentally, physically and spiritually is  like nothing I have ever witnessed. Pat gives herself completely to her  work and allows herself to be used
by God as a vessel.  My results in one short month are nothing short of miraculous.  After (7) years of seeing doctors from every areaof medicine and across several states, I am finally improving and have hope. Although there is still much work to be done, I have no doubt that I am on the proper path to a perfect and complete healing.  Pats heart is Christ-centered and her methods work!  

Thank you Pat for allowing yourself to be used by God and for  your efforts to achieve your  life’s 

purpose. You have helped to change my life.

 Much love~
 Angela Dugas
 Legal Analyst
 August 2014


I have been living with chronic pain  for over 20 years with my neck and back. Worse than that my heart was  completely broken by a young girl, I cried every day for over 5 years  until I met Pat. She is truly a God Sent. My pain levels have definitely  lowered, most important I have stopped crying and started loving and  valuing myself . “And it sure feels good!”  It wasn’t an accident that I  found Pat. Wish I would have years ago. If you are hurting physically,  emotionally or spiritually please don’t wait any longer. 

Pat can  heal your “Inner Child”. In the back of my mind, I always knew I gave  my power away, well Pat is making me realize how to take it back. Like I  said “It sure feels good”

MS - Denham Springs, LA


I first came to Pat about 1 1/2 years ago for massage therapy to heal a muscular injury.  I had no idea when I was desperate to heal my muscles how much she would heal my soul.  I should explain that I had experienced some emotional trauma in the couple of years prior to that fateful day and when I first walked into the "Holistic You" studio I weighed under 100 lbs. as a 5'4", 28 year old woman.  I had experienced massage therapy before but the way Pat worked was so much more.  I had never done any kind of specific work that could be classified as "energy work".  But after each massage session I kept feeling better, healthier & happier.  The progress I made toward healing my mind, body & spirit took off!  After one year of working on and off with Pat, I had become naturally more in-tuned to my energetic nature.  There were a couple of things I was still clinging to in my physical life and habits.  I could feel the negative energy that would surround those thoughts and situations that would send me back toward a state of depression.  So I asked Pat to explain how the Energy Healing Sessions without massage worked and I decided to give it a try.  To be completely honest I had no idea what I was really walking into!  I was nervous because part of my OCD is the need to be in control of situations and know exactly what is going to happen.  But Pat worked very compassionately with me and my comfort level and slowly introduced me to the practice of energetic healing.  With each session we unwrapped a little more.  After several weeks in a row she gave me some tips that I could work on each day to keep up my "energetic hygiene".

 If you have not sought out an energy healer yet...Take the leap and do this!  We can brush our teeth each day (even multiple times per day) but we still go to the dentist for deep unreachable cleaning!  We can work toward keeping ourselves balanced energetically but we still need an energetic healer for the deeper cleaning.  If that makes sense Call Pat, she is wonderful.  If that doesn't make sense but you feel you are searching for something, or that something is off in your life that you can't put your finger on...Call Pat, she is wonderful!

 E. - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

 As an experienced massage therapist who  has benefited from Pat's work, I am totally impressed with her level of  skill and her professionalism.  I am proud to refer anyone to her for  therapeutic massage or energy work. The care that she offers her clients  with each session is deeply genuine. She puts her clients at ease with  her confident touch and brings much ease to their lives.  Pat's  intuitive skills and her compassionate attitude about her clients and  her profession are a benefit to the massage therapy profession.

Diane M. Carlisle, Self-help & EFT Coach, SK, MT - Ann Arbor MI 


Pat, I wanted you to know that the  healing session that we did last week was amazing.  It has helped launch  me in a new direction.  I will be doing a Reiki retreat and hopefully  doing a Pranic healing class very soon. Thanks. 

J.T. -  Baton Rouge, LA

 October 2015
A few months ago, I  decided to seek alternative treatment for health issues that doctors  could not seem to diagnose. The Reiki treatments with Pat have greatly  exceeded my expectations. It has healed far beyond just my physical  ailments. It has been healing for the mind, body, ands oul. Thank you  Pat for sharing your God given gifts with us all!  
Stephanie - D.S. 


“When the student is ready, the Master will appear”.  Pat Stubbs is kind, warm-hearted, and genuine.  Her extensive knowledge of soul healing  work has impacted my life after only two visits.  Through inner child work and Reiki healing,
I feel brave enough to discover the truth of my youth, and strong enough to see it as a  learning experience that has greatly contributed to this lifetime.  Also, with spirit we  were able to personalize a meditation that reconnected me with my inner child and I am  happy to have a best friend always with me.

During my first session with Pat I was able to pierce the veil to “Heaven” to know true and  complete love, and I am learning to embody this love at all times.  I feel that my soul has shone me my true path  in the last two months and clearly opened my heart to awakening.   Pat has helped me open doors that I thought were closed forever and has held the space for me to heal. Pat can guide you on your path to “Awakening” and “Healing,” you only need to call upon her for your healing to begin.

Kara Hopson


June 2016

Pat is a wonderfully kind and generous person.   She has a light that radiates and permeates. During my first visit, I  knew I could trust her, and after the session, I knew that I would never  go to anyone else for healing except her.  After my first session with  Pat, I experienced profound shifts in the form of clarity, removed  blockages, and an increase in my personal energy.  She not only heals,  but she empowers—as a true mentor & teacher should.  During my last  visit, I was surprised and very impressed by her level of healing and  also her intuitive abilities.  She picked up on things that I didn’t say  aloud; she knew what smaller issues needed healed, as well as the deep  traumatic pain that I was already aware of.  For anyone seeking a  compassionate healer, who is also highly intuitive and professional with  her work,Pat Stubbs is the person to contact. 

Jessica, Walker, LA


July 2016

In  the USA, we are FINALLY seeing the evolution of the full spectrum of the healing arts. The mind-body connection is being seen in more and more places as an integral approach to Total Wellness. If one is "willing to do the work: " Pat has the ability to bring that goal to fruition.

I had a cerebellar stroke in Aug 2015.  Intense PT was taken until it was decided that I could make no further tangible progress.  My daughter Kara, had seen Pat regularly and thought that Pat could help me be "the best I could be."

I am so thankful for Pat being in my life now!!!  She truly has a healing demeanor and touch. I have experienced a healing that I was not aware was possible with ANY form of treatment.  Her wonderful method has enabled me to be at a place where I am 100% alive and well in spite of the neurological deficits caused by the stroke.  I believe that Pat heals through God and is  an active member of his "healing team" I will find a way to continue her treatments.  It has been a long time since I have experienced this total joy!!

Geri L Weber, RN,BSN

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