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Spiritual Energy Healing


Spiritual Energy Healing

Spiritual  energy healing or holistic energy healing is an non-invasive, natural  use of divine energy to heal the mind, body, and soul.  ​It is a  spiritual method  of clearing out old energy or thought  patterns that  are no longer serving our highest good and  block and disrupt the flow  of our "life force energy." 

Our Spiritual Body and Life Force Energy

Obviously  our physical body is comprised of skin, bones, muscles, veins,  arteries, organs, and tissue, and it is the body we notice more  frequently.  However, we must also consider the wellness state of  our spiritual body.  Our spiritual body surrounds our physical body and  helps us to deal with our thoughts and emotions.  It is within our  spiritual body that we find our “life force energy.”  Our spiritual  body is a subtle energy system which is composed of chakras, meridians,  and nadas. The chakras act as energy generation stations with valves to  control the flow of energy, the meridians are like flowing  rivers carrying energy along and nadas serve as veins and arteries for  the distribution of our “life force energy” throughout our physical  body.  This “life force energy” is what keeps our body alive,  balanced, and healthy.   

What Causes Our “Life Force Energy” To Become Blocked and How Does It Affect Our Health?  

Stress,  anger, fear, doubt, jealousy, gilt, and past traumas can interfere with  and cause our “life force energy” to become blocked or stagnate.   Negative thoughts and past traumas lodge themselves into our  chakras and block our “life force energy” causing havoc in our lives.   When our “life force energy” is blocked or not flowing freely, we are  more susceptible to depression, illness, allergies, substance  dependence, and dis-ease.  The effects that our past traumas have on our  bodies may not show up for many years, but when they do, it is usually  unpleasant.  The effects are usually seen in the form of depression,  cancer, asthma, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue syndrome - just to name  a few of the potential side effects. 

Our bodies are  similar to appliances.  As long as there is a sufficient amount of  electricity flowing to the appliance and no frayed wired or damaged  parts, it works perfectly.  “Life force energy” runs through our bodies  just as electricity run through an electrical cord, so as long as the  life force energy flows freely, we remain healthy and happy.  ​​

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