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Reiki Healing, Spiritual Energy Healing, Inner Child Work & Soul Journey Guide 


Holistic You offers the following types of energy healing treatments. Because each session is tailored to the client’s individual needs, no two sessions are ever the same. There is no need to choose just one modality for your session. Pat works intuitively and will use a combination of some, or all of these modalities during a healing session.


 Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that alleviates stress by promoting relaxation and healing,  and encouraging the yin yang balance.  As in most forms of spiritual  healing, Reiki is administered by laying of the hands, or without  touching but by directing Divine energy through the facilitator’s hands  to the client. 

Reiki Classes

Would you like to be attuned to the Reiki energy?  Are you interested in doing healing work? Reiki is great when used as a self-help tool, or would you like to help your friends and family.  You can use Reiki on your pets too. Pat teaches Reiki I and II classes several times a year.  

Spiritual Energy Healing

 Spiritual energy healing  or holistic energy healing is an non-invasive, natural use of divine  energy to heal the mind, body, and soul.  ​It is a spiritual method  of  clearing out old energy or thought  patterns that are no longer serving  our highest good and  block and disrupt the flow of our "life force  energy. reiki

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

 Our chakras imprint or record every significant emotional event that we experience in our lives.  Chakras are the energy centers in which our life force energy flows through.  They are associated with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Negative feeling and thoughts such as stress, anger, and guilt cause our chakras to become blocked and to malfunction. 

Distant Healing

 Distance healing is a simple and  very effective way of working with someone. It works  whether  the  person they are working with is in another state or country. This type  of energy work is also known as remote, absent, or long distance  healing. 

Etheric Cord Cutting

Etheric cords, also known as energetic links are created as we form close relationships with others. The problem with etheric cords is that there is a constant sharing of energy between the two people who are corded.  If the person you are corded to is having an emotional day, they will more than likely draw from your energy supply leaving you feeling extremely tired and emotionally drained.  

Inner Child Work

The inner child is that part of us that needs to know that it is loved and accepted unconditionally. ​ When the inner child experiences abuse (whether sexual, physical, or emotional), abandonment or rejection from its parents, immediate family, or those closest to the child, the inner child becomes wounded.  The pain of not being loved, respected, and accepted as a precious child of God causes the spiritual and emotional heart center to become heavy or blocked. Inner child work helps the adult release these blocks. 


ARCH Healing

 "Kahuna ARCH Healing is an amazing form of  vibrational medicine that has the capacity to heal instantaneously!   Through hands-on or distant healing ARCH sends all of the frequencies  of life force energy into oneself or someone else. 

Tapping Therapy (EFT)

 Tapping is a simple self-help tool that  gently realigns the body's energy system.  Tapping  quickly realigns the  energy meridians with respect to negative memories.  It can be used to  improve many personal issues. 

Reiki for Pets

Our pets rely on us for their well-being.  One of the hardest things a pet owner can experience is watching their beloved pet suffer, whether it is from illness or accident. Animals love Reiki and preventative treatment will keep your pet stress free and healthy.

No Need to Choose

 There is no need to choose which type of service you need. Each session is tailored to the client’s individual needs and no two sessions are ever the same 

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