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Inner Child Work


The inner child is that part of us that needs to know that it is loved and accepted unconditionally. It needs to know what kindness, gentleness, and loving support feel like to flourish and grow.  The inner child is that part of us that wants to share God’s love, and bring joy and happiness to all it comes into contact with.  The inner child is a precious child of God and innocent in all ways.  The healthy inner child learns to trust and build healthy relationships with family and friends.  The healthy inner child has the confidence to try new things and move forward in life experiencing all that life has to offer.  Unfortunately not all inner children receive what they need to flourish.

When the inner child experiences abuse (whether sexual, physical, or emotional), abandonment or rejection from its parents, immediate family, or those closest to the child, the inner child becomes wounded.  The pain of not being loved, respected, and accepted as a precious child of God causes the spiritual and emotional heart center to become heavy or blocked.  It’s like heavy blankets being thrown over the beautiful child of God and completely or partially covering their beautiful shining light.  The blanket represents the sorrow, fear, guilt, anger and the lack of self-love and trust that the child experienced because of the environment it grew up in.   This often leads to addictions, co-dependency, illness, depression, and PTSD and triggers later in life.

When the inner child does not receive the love, support, and acceptance it needs, the adult often craves these things their whole life and don’t understand why.  The adult has a hard time trusting others and forming healthy relationships.   They are often drawn to the same types of dysfunctional relationships they experienced as a child.

Doing inner child work helps the adult release these dysfunctional energy patterns and thought patterns, while replacing them with new healthier ones that bring joy, peace, and happiness into their lives.  As the adult self learns to listen to, love and accept the inner child unconditionally, a loving bond will take place that allows healing.  Bit by bit the inner child will feel safe enough to love and trust and integrate with the adult self.  This healing is what opens the heart center up and allows the adult to learn to trust and have healthy loving relationships.  The inner child healing work clears energy blocks and allows the adult’s vibrational level to rise promoting better physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Pat works at a multidimensional level of consciousness with the client’s higher self, Jesus, ascended masters, and angels during all healing sessions.  The inner child healing work is a combination of all, or some of the healing modalities that Pat uses in sessions including a special technique of using the dominate and non-dominate hand to allow the inner child to express itself.  This helps to releases the energy blocks the child has lived with all those years. This is energy healing work and should not be confused with talk therapy. ​​

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