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Etheric Cord Cutting

 Etheric cords, also known as energetic links are created as we form close relationships with others.  This happens naturally and allows us to form an emotional and intuitive bond with others.  Our children, family, friends, spouses, partners, lovers, and co-workers would be good examples.  When our children are born, we form etheric cords to help us communicate and meet their needs.  The cords with our children are normal and healthy and usually dissolve naturally after a few years, unless there is a dysfunctional relationship between the parent and the child.

Etheric cords look like soft thread like tubes and they attach from the chakras of one person to the chakras of another person depending on the type of attachment formed. The closer we are to someone, the more energy we share and the bigger the cord that attaches the two people. The problem with etheric cords is that there is a constant sharing of energy between the two people who are corded.  An example would be if you are corded to a person who is in emotional distress, they will more than likely draw from your energy supply leaving you feeling extremely tired and emotionally drained.  Feeling depressed or angry and not knowing why could be a sign that you are sharing an unhealthy energy connection with someone.

Etheric cords do not go away after we end a relationship, or if someone we are close to dies.  So if you are struggling to get over past relationships, this may be what is holding you back.  A few of the signs that you are heavily corded to someone are: you are unable to move on; you are constantly thinking of the other person; you want to know what they are doing at all times; and replaying old conversations in your mind with that person.  These cords can carry on from lifetime to lifetime. You can imagine how many cord attachments you may have that are no longer serving you.

Removing or cutting these cords that are no longer serving you is easily done during a healing session. Please remember, cutting these cords will not diminish your relationship with others, it just means that you are releasing the negative cords that are no long serving you.

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