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Energy Healing Modalities & Services

Modalities & Services

There are many different types of energy healing modalities, but they all work to release the blockages in our "life force energy".   Holistic You offers the following types of energy healing treatments. Because each session is tailored to the client’s individual needs, no two sessions are ever the same. There is no need to choose just one modality for your session. Pat works intuitively and will use a combination of some, or all of these modalities during a healing session.

Spiritual Energy Healing


Reiki Classes

Pet Reiki 

Chakra Clearing

Energy Balancing 

Distant Energy Healing Sessions     

ARCH Healing Treatments 

Etheric Cord Cutting

Inner Child Healing 

Tapping Therapy

Spiritual Energy Healing

Spiritual energy healing or holistic energy healing is a non-invasive, natural use of divine energy to heal the mind, body, and soul.  ​It is a spiritual method of clearing out old energy or thought patterns that are no longer serving our highest good and block and disrupt the flow of our "life force energy."

Our Spiritual Body and Life Force Energy

Obviously our physical body is comprised of skin, bones, muscles, veins, arteries, organs, and tissue, and it is the body we notice more frequently. However, we must also consider the wellness state of our spiritual body. Our spiritual body surrounds our physical body and helps us to deal with our thoughts and emotions. It is within our spiritual body that we find our “life force energy.” Our spiritual body is a subtle energy system which is composed of chakras, meridians, and nadas. The chakras act as energy generation stations with valves to control the flow of energy, the meridians are like flowing rivers carrying energy along and nadas serve as veins and arteries for the distribution of our “life force energy” throughout our physical body. This “life force energy” is what keeps our body alive.

What Causes Our “Life Force Energy” To Become Blocked and How Does It Affect Our Health? 

Stress, anger, fear, doubt, jealousy, guilt, and past traumas can interfere with and cause our “life force energy” to become blocked or stagnate.  Negative thoughts and past traumas lodge themselves into our cellular tissue and chakras which block our “life force energy” causing havoc in our lives.  When our “life force energy” is blocked or not flowing freely, we are more susceptible to depression, illness, allergies, substance dependence, and dis-ease.  The effects that our past traumas have on our bodies may not show up for many years, but when they do, it is usually unpleasant.  The effects are usually seen in the form of depression, cancer, asthma, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue syndrome - just to name a few of the potential side effects. 

Our bodies are similar to appliances.  As long as there is a sufficient amount of electricity flowing to the appliance and no frayed wired or damaged parts, it works perfectly.  “Life force energy” runs through our bodies just as electricity run through an electrical cord, so as long as the life force energy flows freely, we remain healthy and happy.  



Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that alleviates stress by promoting relaxation and healing, and encouraging the yin yang balance.  As in most forms of spiritual healing, Reiki is administered by laying of the hands, or without touching but by directing Divine energy through the facilitator’s hands to the client. It may be offered seated or lying comfortably and clothed on a treatment table.  

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Chakra Clearing & Energy Balancing


Our chakras imprint or record every significant emotional event that we experience in our lives. We have seven main chakras in our body and they are the energy centers in which our life force energy flows through.  Our chakras are often thought of as "spinning wheels of energy" and are aligned along the spinal column of the body.   They are the openings in which life force energy flows into and out of our aura.  They are associated with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  As long as our chakras are clear and in balance, you feel full of vitality and in good health.  


Negative feeling and thoughts such as stress, anger, and guilt cause our chakras to become blocked  and to malfunction.  These blockage are what cause physical and emotional problems in the body.  By clearing the blocked energies from our past traumas and conflicts, we open the path to healing  our underlying health issues.     

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Distant Healing


Distance healing is a simple and very effective way of working with someone.  It works whether the person being worked with is in another state or clear across the world. This type of energy work is also known as remote, absent, or long distance healing.  An energy healer can sense and make a connection to the energy field of the person they are working with and this allows the healing to take place.  

In conclusion, long distance or remote healing is simply directing a specific energy to someone who is not in the same location as you are. Whether it’s through prayer, or sent by an energy healer, it basically works the same way. The method in which an energy practitioner directs energy to their client depends on the particular healing modality they were trained in or attuned to.  

ARCH Healing

"Kahuna ARCH Healing is an amazing form of vibrational medicine that has  the capacity to heal instantaneously! Through hands-on or distant  healing ARCH sends all of the frequencies of life force energy into  oneself or someone else.  Because ARCH contains all frequencies it can  work on any disease.  ARCH is a quantum leap beyond Reiki. Reiki has  been called the Emerald Ray because it operates out of the heart chakra  (it's traditional color is green). ARCH is the full spectrum and  encompasses all of the rays.  It has the ability to heal  instantaneously and resonates at such a high frequency that it can make  people go into altered states."   ​ 

Etheric Cord Cutting


Etheric cords, also known as energetic  links are created as we form close relationships with others.  This  happens naturally and allows us to form an emotional and intuitive bond  with others.  Our children, family, friends, spouses, partners, lovers,  and co-workers would be good examples.  When our children are born, we  form etheric cords to help us communicate and meet their needs.  The  cords with our children are normal and healthy and usually dissolve naturally after a few years, unless there is a dysfunctional  relationship between the parent and the child. 

Etheric cords look like soft thread like tubes and they attach from  the chakras of one person to the chakras of another person depending on  the type of attachment formed. The closer we are to someone, the more  energy we share and the bigger the cord that attaches the two people.  The problem with etheric cords is that there is a sharing of energy  between the two people who are corded.  An example would be if you are  corded to a person who is in emotional distress, they will more than  likely draw from your energy supply leaving you feeling extremely  tired and emotionally drained.  Feeling depressed or angry and not  knowing why could be a sign that  you are sharing an unhealthy energy  connection with someone. 

Etheric cords do not go away after we end relationships, or if  someone dies.  So if you are  struggling to get over past relationships,  this may be what is holding you back.  A few of  the signs that you are  heavily corded to someone are: you are unable to move on; you are   constantly thinking of the other person; you want to know what they are  doing at all times; and replaying old conversations in your mind with  that person.  These cords can carry on from lifetime to lifetime. You  can imagine how many cord attachments you may have that are no longer  serving you.

Removing or cutting these cords that are no longer serving you is easily  during a healing session.  Please remember cutting these cords will not  diminish your relationship with others, it just means that you are  releasing the negative parts that are no long serving you. ​​​

Inner Child Work


The inner child is that part of us that needs to know that it is loved and accepted unconditionally. ​ When the inner child experiences abuse (whether sexual, physical, or emotional), abandonment or rejection from its parents, immediate family, or those closest to the child, the inner child becomes wounded.  The pain of not being loved, respected, and accepted as a precious child of God causes the spiritual and emotional heart center to become heavy or blocked. Inner child work helps the adult release these blocks and dysfunctional energy patterns and thought patterns, while replacing them with new healthier ones that bring joy, peace, and happiness into their lives.   

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Tapping Therapy Also know as EFT


There are many types of tapping therapies, but they are all based on a simple principle of physically  tapping on certain points of the body known as acupuncture points while  bringing  to mind the issue or problem you want to heal.  No needles  are used for this type of therapy.   The acupuncture points are  stimulated by tapping on them with your fingertips.

Tapping is a simple self-help tool that gently realigns the body's  energy system.  Tapping  quickly realigns the energy meridians with  respect to negative memories.  It can be used to improve many personal  issues, such as your golf game, tennis game, or just help you to calm  down in times of stress.  It can be used to heal emotional issues, such as phobias  or fears.  It an be used to  heal physical diseases and help  with pain management

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