Holistic You Chakra Clearing

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Chakra Clearing & Balancing


Our  chakras imprint or record every significant emotional event that we  experience in our lives. We have seven main chakras in our body and they  are the energy centers in which our life force energy flows through.   Our chakras are often thought of as "spinning wheels of energy" and are  aligned along the spinal column of the body.   They are the openings in  which life force energy flows into and out of our aura.  They are  associated with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.   As long as our chakras are clear and in balance, you feel full of  vitality and in good health.  

Negative feeling and thoughts such as  stress, anger, and guilt cause our chakras to become blocked  and to  malfunction.  These blockage are what cause physical and emotional  problems in the body.  By clearing the blocked energies from our past  traumas and conflicts, we open the path to healing  our underlying  health issues.     

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Patricia Stubbs, LMT(LA#4554),BCTMB,Reiki
Master/Teacher,Karuna Reiki Master