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About Pat Reiki Master & Soul Journey Guide


    Pat Stubbs is the owner and founder of Holistic You in Denham Springs, LA.​  She is honored to have the opportunity to help others.  Her goal is to help improve the physical and spiritual wellbeing of each of her clients while providing a nurturing and supportive environment.  She knows how important that is, because she was once very ill and in constant pain.  Many years of poor health has led her to her present journey.  After many years of doing her own clearing work and inner child work, she is now a clear channel for God's love and light.  She has the compassion, understanding and training to help others.  She now lights the path and guides others so they can find love, light, peace, hope, and health in their lives.

    Pat has a thirst for knowledge and continues to grow personally and spiritually as she works and teaches in the energy field.  Pat is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, a Karuna Reiki Master, a certified licensed massage therapist, BCTMB, an ARCH healing practitioner, a tapping practitioner (also not as EFT), a holistic energy healer, an empath,  a clairaudient, a clairvoyant, and a spiritual journey guide and teacher. 

​    Pat works intuitively during all healing sessions to tune into the core issues, or the real problems, not just the obvious symptoms.  She helps clients release old energy patterns and blockages, so they can heal and gain inner peace and harmony in their lives.  She always works closely with Jesus, the ascended masters, and angels on the inner planes during all healing sessions.

    Pat works at a multidimensional level of consciousness holding the light and guiding anyone that is ready to start the journey of healing and the journey of awakening to their true self.  She infuses them with God's love and light allowing them to release those things that are blocking them from living a life filled with love, peace, and joy. 


   Pat's work is suited to both those who are committed to and have already been doing their own inner work, and those that are  just starting the journey of healing and are trying to find a way to just feel better and experience joy in their lives.

    Pat also provides services for chakra clearing, energy balancing, healing touch, etheric cord cutting, and inner child healing.  She does local and distant healing sessions for clients.  Pat's work by phone is as effective as her work in person. 

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Patricia Stubbs, LMT(LA#4554),BCTMB, Reiki
Master/Teacher,Karuna Reiki Master